Found: 11 news
Some hacker attacked us :( [32][powerzx], 2021-10-10 19:35:00

Ktoś przeprowadził atak na bazę danych i narobił problemów.
Na chwilę obecną nie można dodawać newsów z powodu błędów. Dziś cały dzień próbowałem naprawić błędy, ale okazało się to zbyt trudne dla mnie. Żeby odstresować się to idę pograć, może jakiś pomysł mi przyjdzie do głowy jak naprawić te błędy.
Yuzu Progress Report August 2021 [25][witek], 2021-09-29 22:35:37

[Source: https://yuzu-emu.org/]

Kolejny zbiorczy raport z ostatnich prac do obczajenia TUTAJ
HBMAME 0.236 [12][witek], 2021-09-29 16:20:54

[Source: http://hbmame.1emulation.com/index.html]

New Games

- [abyssal] Abyssal Infants
- [baby1] Pacman (Baby Maze 1)
- [bevpac] Bevelled Pacman
- [invispac] Pacman (Invisible Maze)
- [mcatadvs01] Magical Cat Adventure (R.Zara)
- [mcpacman] McPacman
- [ndo_a_td] Neo Driftout Tech Demo
- [pacforks] Forks
- [pacmini3] Pacmini (maze 3)
- [pacsmall] Pacman (Small Maze)
- [pacman25s01] Pac Man (4 New Maps - After Dark)
- [pacman25s02] Pac Man - (Fruit 1)
- [pacman25s03] pac Man - (Fruit 2)
- [pacman25s04] Pac Man 25 (Chomp Ms Pac Em SJB Maps)
- [pacman25s05] Pac Man 25 (Chomp Ms Pac Em)
- [pacman25s06] Pac Man 25 (Cookie Man)
- [pacman25s07] Pac Man 25 (FHMC Sil 13 Mazes)
- [pacman25s08] Pac Man 25 (Namco Mazes Alternate)
- [pacman25s09] Pac Man 25 (Namco Mazes Featuring Ms Pac-Man)
- [pacman25s10] Pac Man 25 (Namco Mazes)(PAC-MAN Classic Look)
- [pacman25s11] Pac Man 25 (Namco Mazes)
- [pacman25s12] Pac Man 25 (SJB Mazes)
- [pacman25s13] Pac Man 25 (T-Bone Mazes)
- [pacman25s14] Pac Man 25 (Tengen Mazes)(PAC-MAN Classic Look)
- [pacman25s15] Pac Man 25 (Tengen Mazes)
- [pacman25s16] Pac Man 25 (Tengen Mini Mazes)(PAC-MAN Classic Look)
- [pacman25s17] Pac Man 25 (Tengen Mini Mazes)
- [pacman25s18] Pac Man 25 (Tengen Tall Mazes)(PAC-MAN Classic Look)
- [pacman25s19] Pac Man 25 (Tengen Tall Mazes)
- [pacman25s20] Pac Man 25 (Ultra Pac-Man)
- [pacman25s21] Pac Man 25 - Pac Man + Tournament (Set 1)
- [pacman25s22] Pac Man 25 - Pac Man + Tournament (Set 2)
- [pacman25s23] Pac Man 25 - Pac Man + Tournament (Set 3)
- [pacman25s24] Pac Man 25 - Pac Man + Tournament (Set 4)
- [pacman25s25] Pac Man 25 - Pac Man + Tournament (Set 5)
- [pacman25s26] Pac Man 25 - Pac Man + Tournament (Set 6)
- [pacman25s27] Pac Man 25 - Pac Man + Tournament - 360 Escape
- [pacman25s28] Pac Man 25 - Pac Man + Tournament - Alien
- [pacman25s29] Pac Man 25 - Pac Man + Tournament - Arcade
- [pacman25s30] Pac Man 25 - Pac Man + Tournament - Beach
- [pacman25s31] Pac Man 25 - Pac Man + Tournament - Beetle
- [pacman25s32] Pac Man 25 - Pac Man + Tournament - Blue
- [pacman25s33] Pac Man 25 - Pac Man + Tournament - Boys
- [pacman25s34] Pac Man 25 - Pac Man + Tournament - Candyland
- [pacman25s35] Pac Man 25 - Pac Man + Tournament - Chase
- [pacman25s36] Pac Man 25 - Pac Man + Tournament - Cherries
- [pacman25s37] Pac Man 25 - Pac Man + Tournament - Chocolate
- [pacman25s38] Pac Man 25 - Pac Man + Tournament - Colors
- [pacman25s39] Pac Man 25 - Pac Man + Tournament - Cookie
- [pacman25s40] Pac Man 25 - Pac Man + Tournament - Cup
- [pacman25s41] Pac Man 25 - Pac Man + Tournament - Dice
- [pacman25s42] Pac Man 25 - Pac Man + Tournament - Dinos
- [pacman25s43] Pac Man 25 - Pac Man + Tournament - Dragon
- [pacman25s44] Pac Man 25 - Pac Man + Tournament - Fire
- [pacman25s45] Pac Man 25 - Pac Man + Tournament - Fountain
- [pacman25s46] Pac Man 25 - Pac Man + Tournament - Garden
- [pacman25s47] Pac Man 25 - Pac Man + Tournament - Girder
- [pacman25s48] Pac Man 25 - Pac Man + Tournament - Girl
- [pacman25s49] Pac Man 25 - Pac Man + Tournament - Infinate
- [pacman25s50] Pac Man 25 - Pac Man + Tournament - Invisible
- [pacman25s51] Pac Man 25 - Pac Man + Tournament - Jailhouse
- [pacman25s52] Pac Man 25 - Pac Man + Tournament - kaleidoscope
- [pacman25s53] Pac Man 25 - Pac Man + Tournament - Minutes
- [pacman25s54] Pac Man 25 - Pac Man + Tournament - Night Flower
- [pacman25s55] Pac Man 25 - Pac Man + Tournament - Night
- [pacman25s56] Pac Man 25 - Pac Man + Tournament - No Escape
- [pacman25s57] Pac Man 25 - Pac Man + Tournament - Opposite
- [pacman25s58] Pac Man 25 - Pac Man + Tournament - Pig
- [pacman25s59] Pac Man 25 - Pac Man + Tournament - Plotted
- [pacman25s60] Pac Man 25 - Pac Man + Tournament - Prismatic
- [pacman25s61] Pac Man 25 - Pac man + Tournament - Red Bull
- [pacman25s62] Pac Man 25 - Pac Man + Tournament - Royal
- [pacman25s63] Pac Man 25 - Pac Man + Tournament - Shadow
- [pacman25s64] Pac Man 25 - Pac Man + Tournament - Ship
- [pacman25s65] Pac Man 25 - Pac Man + Tournament - Six Pac
- [pacman25s66] Pac Man 25 - Pac Man + Tournament - Solar System
- [pacman25s67] Pac Man 25 - Pac Man + Tournament - Square Dance
- [pacman25s68] Pac Man 25 - Pac Man + Tournament - Sugar Rush
- [pacman25s69] Pac Man 25 - Pac Man + Tournament - Sushi
- [pacman25s70] Pac Man 25 - Pac Man + Tournament - Tilt
- [pacman25s71] Pac Man 25 - Pac Man + Tournament - Traffic
- [pacman25s72] Pac Man 25 - Pac Man + Tournament - Trap
- [pacman25s73] Pac Man 25 - Pac Man + Tournament - Tunnels
- [pacman25s74] Pac Man 25 - Pac Man + Tournament - Turtle
- [pacman25s75] Pac Man 25 - Pac Man + Tournament - Windy
- [upsidpac] Pacman (Upsidedown Maze)

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MAMEUI64 0.236 [6][witek], 2021-09-29 16:18:32

[Source: http://www.mameui.info/]

Emulator, ikony i snapsy do pobrania na domowej.
ARCADE64 0.236 [11][witek], 2021-09-29 16:17:26

[Source: https://www.1emulation.com/forums/topic/36546-arcade64-0236/]

Kontynuacja projektu mameuifx, samo arcade.

MAMEinfo 0.236 [7][witek], 2021-09-29 16:15:20

[Source: https://mameinfo.mameworld.info/]

* Updated to MAME 0.236
* Added Source/Listinfo changes
* Newest Bugs (29th Sep)
* Added/Fixed Recommended Games
* Fixed Recommended Games descriptions.
* Added rom infos to DEVICE sets
* Fixed MAMEinfo.dat infos

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MAME 0.236 [19][witek], 2021-09-29 16:13:06

[Source: https://www.mamedev.org/]

Pełny changelog TUTAJ

MAME Testers Bugs Fixed
- 04022: [Sound] (segas16b.cpp) altbeastj: Music does not stop when the transformation sequence begins. (TeamEurope)
- 07883: [Color/Palette] BGFX: Direct3D 9 back-end does not work. (Ryan Holtz)
- 08059: [DIP/Input] (taito_f2.cpp) deadconx, deadconxj: DIP switches are labeled incorrectly. (GoldS_TCRF)
- 08065: [Graphics] (segas16b.cpp) altbeast, altbeast6: Sprites flicker, most visibly in the third stage. (hap)
- 08074: [Media Support] FILE MANAGER: Drive root directories cannot be selected on Windows. (Vas Crabb)
- 08075: [Gameplay] (changela.cpp) changela: Car incorrectly steers to the right without player input. (hap)
- 08076: [Sound] (tubep.cpp) rjammer: Sound test does not work, and causes loss of game sounds. (AJR)
- 08077: [DIP/Input] (darius.cpp) dariusu: Discounted continue DIP switch is labeled “unknown”. (GoldS_TCRF)
- 08078: [DIP/Input] (vigilant.cpp) vigilant and clones: Kick and punch buttons are reversed. (abelardator2)
- 08081: [Sound] (srmp2.cpp) srmp2, srmp3: Character voice samples do not play. (kmg)
- 08085: [Documentation] (msx.cpp) hbf9pr: The description says “Russion” instead of “Russian”. (AntoPISA)
- 08090: [Documentation] (polepos.cpp) polepos2: Documented “Freeze” DIP switch is labeled “Unknown”. (Cow)

New working machines
Danger Express (prototype) [hap]
Fidelity Electronics Checker Challenger (model CR, 2 levels) [hap, Sean Riddle]
Head On Channel (prototype, hack) [hap]
JAKKS Pacific Inc / HotGen Ltd SpongeBob SquarePants Jellyfish Dodge (JAKKS Pacific TV Game) (Apr 5 2007)
[Sean Riddle, David Haywood]
OOPArts (prototype, joystick hack) [hap]
SegaSonic Bros. (prototype, hack) [hap]
unknown Paradise Automatique / TourVisión bowling themed poker game with gum prizes (France) [Benjamin Roux, David Haywood]

New working clones
American Poker II - Jackpot (Spanish, set 3) [Roberto Fresca]
beatmania complete MIX (ver AA-C) [DeepSeaSqueeze]
Casino Five (3315-12, U5-0) [Brian Troha, The Dumping Union]
Jor-eop Jeungmyeongseo (Korea) [xuserv, juking]
Leader (version Z 2F, Greece) [Ioannis Bampoulas]
Missile / Circuit (bootleg of Alpha Fighter / Head On) [MikeMcBike]
Pucman [Nnap]
Route 16 (Sun Electronics, set 2) [hammy]
Systemhuset / Loproc Conchess Plymate 5.5MHz [hap, Berger]
unknown Pac-Man gambling game (set 2) [Nnap]
VTech Dora the Explorer - Doras Abenteuer-Globus (Germany) [Sean Riddle, TeamEurope]

Clones promoted to working
Killer Instinct 2 (upgrade kit) [pdaderko]

New machines marked as NOT_WORKING
Alaska [Robbbert]
Black Magic 4 [Robbbert]
Cavalier [Robbbert]
Crazy Race [Robbbert]
Diamonds & Hearts - Power Pay (10229311, NSW/ACT) [anonymous]
Don Quijote [Robbbert]
Escalera Tobogan (MPU4, set 1) [jordigahan, ClawGrip]
Fair Fight [Robbbert]
The Flipper Game [Robbbert]
Hot & Cold [Robbbert]
Mr Doom [Robbbert]
Mr Evil [Robbbert]
NEC PC-9801US [coolmod]
NEC PC-9801VX [qazmko1029]
NEC PC-9821Nr15 (98NOTE Lavie) [flyingharuka]
NEC PC-98HA (Handy98) [anonymous]
NEC PC-98LT [anonymous]
Poker Plus [Robbbert]
Que Long Gao Shou [Guru, Dyq]
Recel Bios [Robbbert]
Screech [Robbbert]
Swashbuckler [Robbbert]
Torneo [Robbbert]
unknown medal game GS471 [Phil Bennett, R. Belmont]
Zelos (Japan, terminal) [Phil Bennett]

New clones marked as NOT_WORKING
American Poker II - Jackpot (Spanish, set 1) [Roberto Fresca]
American Poker II - Jackpot (Spanish, set 2) [Roberto Fresca]
Carnival (cocktail, earlier) [Kevin Eshbach]
Cherry Bonus III (set 5, encrypted bootleg) [Ioannis Bampoulas]
Escalera Tobogan (MPU4, set 2) [jordigahan, ClawGrip]
Escalera Tobogan (MPU4, set 3) [jordigahan, ClawGrip]
Faeton (6 digits) [Jordi, Orlando, PinMAME]
Fast Track [Robbbert]
Hardbody (rev. C) [PinMAME]
Hook (UK 4.06, display A4.01) [PinMAME]
MIT TX-0 upgraded system (8 kWords of RAM, old order code) [AJR]
MotorDome (rev. B) [PinMAME]
Mushiking The King Of Beetle (2K3 2ND Ver. 1.000-, Korea) [Jorge Valero, MetalliC, rtw]
NEC PC-8001mkIISR [anonymous]
NEC PC-9821Cx3 (98MULTi CanBe) [flyingharuka]
NEC PC-9821Nr166 (98NOTE Lavie) [flyingharuka]
NEC PC-9821Nw150 (98NOTE Lavie) [flyingharuka]
NEC PC-9821Ra266 (98MATE R) [flyingharuka]
Peacock Flutter (01J00011, NSW/ACT) [Dam0, Heihachi_73]
Samsung Saturn (Korea) [Angelo Salese]

- New Cheat.dat (Wayder): https://ss1.xrea.com/nekoziman.s601.xrea.com/cheat/
- banprestoms.cpp: Identified some DIPs
- bartop52.cpp and maxaflex.cpp: Fixed Atari ANTIC DLISTL and DLISTH writing to only affect the high and low byte component that is spread between m_dpage and m_doffs (videoantic.cpp). Fixes artifact colors in (MESS) Atari 800 Choplifter, Davids Midnight Magic, Lode Runner, Diamond Mine and Ultima IV.
- by35.cpp and mcr.cpp: Moved several constructors out of the header, fixed a save state issue and made outputs use finders (audioally.cpp).
- chihiro.cpp and naomi.cpp: Dumped Sega 838-13683-91 Rev.A JVS I/O (machinejvs13551.cpp)
- cromptons.cpp: Improved notes
- cv1k.cpp: Cleanup driver
- dooyong.cpp: Reduced volume for YM2151/M6295 sound and coalesced some machine configuration
- exidy.cpp: Split up state class and reduced reliance on driver init functions

- f-32.cpp
. Royal Poker 2 fixes and updates. Game is now essentially playable, but marked not working due to settings-saving issues. Hooked up M6295.
. Fixed issues with SARDI instruction (e132xse132xsdrc_ops.hxx and e132xsop.hxx), fixes Mosaic (F2 System).

- funkyjet.cpp: Moved everything into the driver file, as videofunkyjet.cpp only had one method.
- galpani3.cpp, jchan.cpp and suprnova.cpp: Fixed oob access on transcient incorrect sprites, use masking instead of % (videosknsspr.cpp). Silence watchdog access in suprnova.cpp.
- goldnpkr.cpp: Base screen parameters on how games program the CRTC. Filled in proper screen parameters for goldnpkr, witchcrd and megadpkr. There may be other games that use different parameters. Demoted megadpkr and megadpkrb to not working as they can only boot once before writing timekeeper data that prevents booting again.

- goldstar.cpp
. Decryption progress on clone Super Seven. It now gets in game but needs GFX and color fixes, plus decryption might have some error lurking.
. Point reel tilemap to the right GFX rom offset for Cherry Master 97
- kikikai.cpp: Added PCB infos and corrected DIPs. Clean up videokikikai.cpp a little.

- kinst.cpp
. Simulate CPLD for clone Killer Instinct 2 (upgrade kit) (Game now playable). Original device was reverse-engineered with a logic analyzer and test ROMs. The CPLD behaves as a slave device, returning data when selected, based on previous writes.
. Driver cleanup. Added preliminary screen raw parameters.

- konmedal68k.cpp
. Identified konslot and konslot2 (Cross Magic Mark 2 (1996) and Fruits Magic (1996)). Fixed display resolution and offsets.
. Adjusted some DIPs definitions
. Made Powerful Chance show the title screen

- meritm.cpp: Removed layer enable debug keys
- merits.cpp: Correctly identified Scorpion (Mar 24, 1992) as "Pub Time Darts II"

- missbamby.cpp
. Identified unknown game = Multy (Deta 1987). Added its PCB ASCII layout.
. Dumped the PROM for Basket

- n8080.cpp
. Merged some input ports and removed tag lookups
. Added conf setting for switching Space Fever to monochrome

- qix.cpp: Removed PIA 5 popmessage. This PIA is supposedly unused.
- redalert.cpp: Converted sound boards to devices and removed a couple of trampolines, making the driver state class considerably tidier. Tidied up the driver a little.
- royalmah.cpp: Configured banking and views for Mahjong Shinkirou Deja Vu (Japan) and Mahjong If...? [BET]

- segac2.cpp
. Decouple driver class from md_base_state (machinemegadriv.cpp and includesmegadriv.h)
. Improved Waku Waku Marine controls

- segas16b.cpp
. Revert MAME 0.231 video attributes workaround, it just causes new problems. Fixes random graphics flickering in Altered Beast (set 8) and clone Altered Beast (set 6) (ID 08065).
. Decapped and dumped I8751 MCU for clone Juuouki (set 7, Japan) (8751 317-0077), fixes music does not stop when the sequence of transformation begins (ID 04022).

- srmp2.cpp: Fixed no character voices in Super Real Mahjong Part 2/3 (includessrmp2.h) (ID 08081)

- stv.cpp
. NMI is unconditionally requested for screen clock change commands, fixes booting in (MESS + hashsaturn.xml) bigichig, capgen1, capgen4 and capgen5 (machinesmpc.cpp).
. Guard against deleting partial sectors in cmd_delete_sector_data, fixes (MESS) pstarcol crash after first attract cycle. Added fixed status for NetLink, allow (MESS) dragndrm to actually boot (on -non drc).

- taito_z.cpp: Use output finders instead of output().set_value, split up state class a little.
- tiamc1.cpp: Set games release years to 198?. Actual release dates unknown. According to one of developer Konek-Gorbunok, Billiard and Kot-Rybolov was made before 1988, Snezhnaja Koroleva after 1988.
- toaplan1.cpp, twincobr.cpp and wardner.cpp: Use single pass priority drawing for sprite vs tilemap priority. Use device-specific delegate for priority mask. Use device_video_interface to find screen (video oaplan_scu.cpp).

. acesp.cpp: Dumped the 68705P3 MCUs on 2 different types of sp.ACE fruit machine reel driver PCBs
. aristmk6.cpp: Updated documentation. Added new game_roms to Wild Africa - Millioniser (0351083, US).

- Agress - Missile Daisenryaku (Japan): Fixed Lives dipswitch
- Baby Fruits: Added year for clone Baby Fruits (25 pts version)
- Bonze Adventure: Added PCB infos
- California Chase: Dont try to use portr for half the bus width
- Carnival: Corrected PROM label and location for Carnival sets using standard PCB
- Change Lanes: Fixed steering problem, probably (ID 08075).
- Cosmic Chasm: Combined source files, added I/O port finder and reduced audio levels to avoid hitting the limiter.
- Cyberstorm: Cleaned up inputs and added comments to match observations and behaviours in test mode
- Darius: Added Continue Price dipswitch to clone Darius (US, rev 2) (ID 08077)
- Dead Connection: Fixed mislabled and misassigned dipswitches (ID 08059)
- Fantasy Zone: Revert MAME 0.231 video attributes workaround for Fantasy Zone, it just causes new problems.
- Kart Duel: Redumped data roms
- Marvel Land: Made clone Marvel Land (Japan) the parent, the US prototype is an earlier incomplete build, it ends abruptly, lacks any end credits, and is missing many of the levels plus various other incomplete elements, see https://tcrf.net/Marvel_Land_(Arcade).
- Missile Command: Eliminated space.device() calls
- Multi Baby: Added basic mappings

. barni.cpp: Added layout. WIP.
. gts1.cpp: Various fixes. Still not working though. Descriptions for DIPs.
. s3.cpp, s4.cpp, s6.cpp and s6a.cpp: Use output finders instead of output().set_value, reduced tag lookups.
. spirit76.cpp: Added a layout. Mostly working. Fixed knocker when free game attained.
. mrgame.cpp: Added tilemap drawing - Dakar works properly and World Cup 90 has some issues. Fixed 5bpp sprite layout, only put attribute handler over tilemap attribute area of object RAM. Merged Motor Show (set 1) and Motor Show (set 2) and added a third BIOS rom set (cpu_2.ic13b and cpu_2.ic14b). Added new roms to Mac Attack.

- Pipeline: Hook up sound communications and YM2203. Fixed sound PPI mapping
- Play Sonic 4: Added inputs and DIPs as per test mode
- Pole Position II: "Freeze" dipswitch works fine (ID 08090)
- Roller Jammer: Added screen raw parameters. Modernized MSM5205 hookup, fixes broken "SOUND TEST" in service mode (ID 08076). Added missing input.
- ROLLing eX.tre.me: Mostly playable driver. Various bug fixes to the TMS320C82 core. TODO: TMS320C82 parallel processors are not emulated. PP0 transfers polygon data from a software FIFO to the graphics processor. This is currently HLEd. PP1 most likely does sound mixing. This is currently not emulated. 93C66 EEPROM. Alpha blending (probably based on palette index like on gaelco3d). Minor Z-buffer issues. Wrong textures in a few places (could be a CPU core bug). Networking.
- Rumba Lumber: Corrected main CPU clock, fixes sound regression.
- Space Harrier: Hook up I8751 MCU and removed simulation. The MCU for clone Space Harrier (8751 315-5163) is handcrafted and marked BAD_DUMP. There is a slight issue with the initial synchronisation, so there is a hack to ignore the problematic write.
- Speedway: Redumped u29 gfx1 rom
- Taxi Driver: Reduced tag map lookups in driver
- Vigilante: Swapped punch/kick buttons to match with arcade cabinet (ID 08078)
- Wonder Planet: Decapped and dumped MCU. Removed simulation and clean ups.
- Fixed rom names in aristmk6.cpp, namcos1.cpp, segaatom.cpp, segas16b.cpp and vicdual.cpp
- Dipswitch fixes in banprestoms.cpp, blockout.cpp, cybstorm.cpp, d9final.cpp, darius.cpp, gts1.cpp, kikikai.cpp, konmedal68k.cpp, plsonic4.cpp, polepos.cpp, spirit76.cpp and taito_f2.cpp
- Description changes of Carry On (Pcp) (sp.ACE) (set 1), Carry On (Pcp) (sp.ACE) (set 2), Cross Magic Mark 2, Faeton (7 digits), Final Frontier (Bwb) (sp.ACE), Fruits Magic - The Magic Party, Hardbody (German rev. B), Hardbody (rev. C), Killer Instinct 2 (upgrade kit), MK6 System Software/Setchips, Makaimura (Japan), Makaimura (Japan Revision C), Makaimura (Japan Revision G), Marvel Land (US, prototype), MotorDome (German rev. B), Motor Show, MotorDome (rev. D), Pub Time Darts II Plus 2 with Solo Challenger (Mar 24, 1992), Queen of Sheba (10133721, NSW/ACT), Route 16 (Sun Electronics, set 1), SegaSonic Cosmo Fighter, Sotsugyo Shousho (Japan), SF-HiSplitter (set 1), SF-HiSplitter (set 2), SF-HiSplitter (alt sound), Space Fever (new version), Space Fever (old version), Space Fever (older version), unknown Pac-Man gambling game (set 1), Wild Tepee - Power Pay (20230211, NSW/ACT) and Wizard Ways - Lady Luck (20139121, NSW/ACT)
- Renamed (hardbody) to (hardbodyc), (konslot) to (crossmg2), (konslot2) to (fruitsmg), (marvland) to (marvlandup), (marvlandj) to (marvland), (scrpiondc) to (pubtimed2ch) and (unkslot) to (multy)
WinUAE 4.5.0 beta34 [22][witek], 2021-09-21 16:03:11

[Source: http://eab.abime.net/showthread.php?t=104099&page=48]

Beta 34:

- Harmnless bug causing "Negative nr_color_changes.. " log messages fixed.
- Copper VBLANK startup was 2 cycles too early. (Previous fix was not correct)
- Partially reverted b9 sound update that caused worse sound stability on some systems. It also makes FPS value slightly less stable.
- Audio volume (from AUDxVOL) is only loaded to internal volume register when period counter is loaded. Volume changes during period counting dont affect audio until next period load.
- Copper writes to AUDxDAT in non-cycle exact modes had inaccurate timing.
- AUDxDAT undocumented feature: AUDxDAT write has 1 cycle delay, state machine==3 INTREQ test is done when period counter==1, not when it is zero. (Thanks to ross again, another weird test set )
- RTG screen was not fully cleared in some situations when switching modes (b25)
- Changed debugger "dp" to "dppc" (switch to PPC disassembly mode)
- Ateo Pixel 64 RTG board emulation. Another Cirrus Logic based RTG board. Very quickly done, only works with recent Picasso96 versions, does not work with drivers that need ateobus.library (will be done if someone disassembles it, I am too lazy, as usual). 256 color mode has wrong colors and right edge wraps around. Does not autoswitch.
- "Smooth Copper" works correctly again.

Download w wątku.
History.dat 2.35a [11][witek], 2021-09-21 16:00:44

[Source: https://www.arcade-history.com/]

Przydatne informacje, ciekawostki, tips and tricks. Wspierane przez MAME, MESS, UME, Raine.
Plik w formacie XML nie jest wpierany przez wszystkie wersje MAME, dla tych pobieramy w formacie DAT.

BIG UPDATE: Many info added (including original descriptions from back covers) for SMS games.

Altirra 4.00 test42 [21][witek], 2021-09-19 18:30:17

[Source: https://atariage.com/forums/topic/308053-altirra-390-released/page/40/#comments]

test 42

- Fixes held keys not being re-registered in raw key mode when keyboard debounce mode is re-enabled while keyboard scan is already enabled. This fixes the Rapidus menu being harder to enter with the Inverse key in raw key mode than it should have been (full scan mode was fine).
- Fixed a regression in the initial state of SKCTL bit 4 due to some cassette changes.
- Improved the output of the .pokey debugger command.
- Added verifier modes for detecting stack wrapping and the native 816 stack being placed into page zero.

Download w wątku.
Cemu 1.25.4 [17][witek], 2021-09-17 20:13:25

[Source: https://cemu.info/]

- Vulkan: Avoid internal hash collision related to pipeline lookup.
This fixes a bug where, under very rare circumstances, draw operations would render with the wrong parameters.
Seen in Minecraft where the block highlighting lines would render as broken triangles, other games are possibly affected as well.

- Vulkan: Optimized data uploads to GPU.
On systems with unified memory (integrated GPUs) we will use cached shared memory which has very low overhead.
Data uploads are generally not a bottleneck in Cemu but this optimization might still help with performance on low-end systems.

- OpenGL/Vulkan: Fixed a regression from 1.25.3 where textures would show incorrectly or garbled.

- UI: The graphic pack preset selection is now more robust and consistent.
Previously it was possible that the active presets would differ from the ones shown as active in the UI.

- UI: Fixed an issue in the texture cache viewer window where the overwrite resolution column would not show the correct value.

Download na domowej.