Emudreams(1996) NEWS FROM 60 DAYS MUSEUM

melonDS 0.9.3 [117][witek], 2021-09-02 21:24:14

[Source: http://melonds.kuribo64.net/]

• Fix macOS right modifier detection (Nadia)
• Fill most gaps in ROMList (Arisotura)
• Fix touchscreen code in non-hybrid layout mode (Arisotura)
• GBACart: simulate open-bus decay roughly (Arisotura)
• Frontend: handle tablet and touch events (Generic aka RSDuck)
• Implement NO$GBA debug registers (BlueTheDuck)
• Make Setup Cheats option reappear on macOS (Nadia)
• Add frame step hotkey (Yukitty, additional fixes by Gal20)
• Add DSP code (PoroCYon, purringChaos)
• Save window state (Arisotura)
• JIT optimisations and fixes (Generic aka RSDuck)
• Add ROM info dialog (WaluigiWare64)
• Allow using DSi footer within NAND images (MightyMax)
• More accurate NWRAM implementation (MightyMax)
• Only open microphone if necessary (Arisotura)
• Fix undo load savestate loading (Generic aka RSDuck)
• Fix pause when inactive (Generic aka RSDuck)
• Add audio interpolation (Arisotura)
• Add SOUNDBIAS and optional 10bit audio (Nadia)
• Patch touchscreen calibration data in DSi mode (Arisotura)
• Add DSi title manager (Arisotura)
• Fix threaded rasteriser deadlock when VCount is moved (Generic aka RSDuck)
• Add preliminary DSi-mode direct boot (MightyMax, Arisotura)
• More accurate DMA timings (Arisotura)

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