Emudreams(1996) NEWS FROM 60 DAYS MUSEUM

WinUAE 4.9.0 beta42 [1016][powerzx], 2021-11-30 05:52:57

[Source: http://eab.abime.net/showthread.php?t=104099&page=52]

Official release date: about one week to go.

Beta 42 (RC3):

- Switching from D3D11 fullscreen mode to windowed mode using GUI caused windowed mode to keep-reinitializing continuously. (CTRL+F12 switch worked normally)
- Fixed wrong condition in check if Denise side BPLCON0 parameters needs updating, broke for example HAM enable or disable until next line (b41)
- Blitter line mode with C disabled also disables C-channel pointer modulo add operations. b39 update was not complete. (Methylate Focus Design).
- Interlace mode last 2 lines (if Overscan+ or Extreme) had swapped long and short line (last line and line zero "wrap around" point), LOF toggles at this point but display device does not see it until few lines later.
- Fixed buffer overflow that caused unexpected crash due to internal variables getting corrupted. It happened if mode was RTG (native chipset not active) and native mode had copper list that writes to custom registers that can affect colors or blanking, state change was unnecessarily recorded to a buffer that is not in use if RTG mode and after long time (can be 100 minutes or more), it finally overflowed. Recent blanking updates introduced this.
- Programmed blanking change was not always fully detected, leaving partially blanked border in some situations.
- Enabled Remove interlace arfifact option without interlace mode: bitplane overrun emulation was not possible.
- Remove interlace artifact option last line flickering and garbage is really gone now. (Blanks extra line(s), this is not really the correct way but too late to fix it properly)
- Bitplane pointer pointing to upper 512k chip ram in ECS 0.5M+0.5M config did not use indirect read routines. (Fixes Cen Rare ECS 0.5M+0.5M config corrupted vector objects)

Beta 41 (RC2):

- Sprite processing was exited early if sprite horizontal start was zero (which is correct normally). But when combined with FMODE SSCAN2-bit, only "original" sprite is invisible but "doubled" sprite is still visible. Fixes Fantastic Dizzy CD32 background glitch.
- Improve Denise/Lisa internal bitplane pipeline logic, previously undocumented combined plane change + bitplane shift changes mid scanline are now working correctly.
- Above behavior also revealed yet another undocumented chipset feature/bug: if ECS Denise or AGA and bitplane plane count is lowered mid scan line and disabled plane`s last bit out of bitplane shifter was one: last pixel appears twice. OCS Denise is unaffected. This is emulated only in subpixel mode.
- Clear all internal display emulation buffers at reset, previously some of them was not cleared. (Possibly could have caused temporary on screen garbage when loading statefile on the fly)