WinUAE 4.5.0 beta7 [47][witek], 2020-11-01 13:14:04

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Beta 7:

- Fixed incorrect bitplane DMA overrun condition that made Zool 2 AGA flicker strangely (b1) (AGA game with 7 planes but FMODE=0. What a waste of DMA slots.)
- JIT FPU 80-bit host mode should work again (b1)
- Emulated clockport expansions (Prelude A1200 is currently the only one) now support 4 port clockport expander. "-" = no expander (Same device mapped to all 4 slots), "1" = expander slot 1 and so on.
- Added Zorro 2/A500/CDTV DMA controller 24-bit DMA checkbox in Expansion panel. (Unticked = full 32 addressing capable, ticked = 24-bit access only, real world behavior) Previously some emulated 24-bit DMA controllers had full 32-bit support, some didnt.
- All Z2/Z3 RAM banks now have DMA capable checkbox in RAM panel. If not ticked and DMA HD controller tries to access it, read returns all ones and writes do nothing. (In real world result could be memory corruption, hang etc). This can be used to quickly test if some real world DMA controller + accelerator combination with accelerator RAM set to no DMA causes similar problems in emulation. Other RAM banks only have config file support. Find RAM name in config file and then replace "*_size" with "*_options=nodma=true". For example "bogomem_options=nodma=true" makes slow ram not DMA capable. NOTE: Chipset DMA is not affected even if chip ram DMA is disabled, it only affects mainboard (CDTV and CD32) and expansion CD/HD DMA controllers.
- Added CD image select/eject keyboard shortcut. END+F5 = select CD image, END+SHIFT+F5 = eject CD. Statefile quick restore moved to END+F6. NOTE: currently END+F5 opens even if there is no emulated CD drive.
- If game controller was plugged in after config was loaded and loaded config had game controller configured in game ports panel, game controller was correctly remembered but type and autofire mode was set to default values.
- Hardware emulated Z3 RTG boards had wrong autoconfig size configuration. This caused access faults if MMU was enabled.
- SVGA chip vblank interrupt acknowledge forced unnecessary full display refresh.
- ALT+Space does not anymore open WinUAE window standard menu when input is captured.
- JIT + Hardware emulated RTG board should fully work again.
- JIT MOVEM/MOVE16 direct RAM access optimization (calculate address only once, then do moves vs do separate multiple calculate address+move combinations) is now automatically disabled if hardware emulated RTG board is enabled, most have byte/word swapping logic which would cause cause graphics corruption if same MOVEM/MOVE16 copy was first used for RAM reads or writes and then later (when it was still in translated format) it was used for VRAM reads or writes. At least CGX4 does this.
- JIT LSL/LSR fixed (temporary fix, better fix later that should also fix other shift instructions). jit_blacklist config entry should be removed now.

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