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WinUAE 4.5.0 beta33 [99][], 2021-09-14 19:49:27

[Source: http://eab.abime.net/showthread.php?t=104099&page=47]

Chipset updates are almost done. Priority is moving to bug hunting, for example previously reported weird crashes need to be confirmed (if it still happens).
Also PCem update graphics boards (Voodoo, CV64, CV3D, Cirrus Logic based) and bridgeboard emulation needs some testing.

Beta 33:

- DMACONR blitter busy bit state is 1 cycle later than copper waking up from blitter finished. (Circle Scroller / United Force)
- Direct3D9 mode crash was possible when switching screen modes (b32).
- Disassembler configuration (upper/lower case options, show calculated EA, show data pointed by EA, condition true/false), hex number prefix, min and max number of opcode/opwords. Currently only available via direct ini or registry editing, first enter debugger, then quit emulator to create default entries. Debugger sub section, debug_disasm_flags is bit mask, bits 0 to 4 are lower case bits (0=instruction name, 1=registers, 2=hex values, 3=instruction size), 4=show T/F, 5=show EA, 6=show EA contents, 7=show instruction opcode/opwords. Currently they only affect disassembler output. Defaults changed to lower case.
- Dont log flood "DMAL error" messages if (totally unusable) programmed mode with HTOTAL smaller than last audio DMA slot.
- DMAL (Serial DMA slot allocation information from Paula to Agnus) start cycle was not updated to match new custom chipset emulation.
- Small audio period causing repeated samples is now fully accurate, including 1 extra cycle delay if DMA request includes pointer reset (sample restart).
- Very strange programmed modes could have made it impossible to quit emulator normally.
- Adjusted behavior of CPU reads from write-only custom registers (Bozebobs / Area08)
- Fixed crash when loading some old A500 statefiles with CD32 CD incorrectly enabled.
- Adjusted "Smooth Copper" hack to work with new custom chipset emulation (not fully correct yet).
- Console log/debugger DPI adjustment.

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