WinUAE 4.5.0 beta30 [41][witek], 2021-08-17 17:31:14

[Source: http://eab.abime.net/showthread.php?t=104099&page=45]

Beta 30:

- BEAMCON0 LOLDIS modification was ignored unless display setup needed reinitialization (programmed refresh rate change etc..)
- Programmed VBLANK (BEAMCON0 bit 12) didnt blank lines after VBSTRT in some situations.
- Fixed scanline offset if resolution and BPLCON1 was changed during same scanline.
- Sprite horizontal wrap around support was only partially implemented.
- Horizontal display window (DIWSTRT/DIWSTOP) didnt support some wrap around/start larger than stop conditions correctly.
- Borderblank glitch emulation improved. If HDIW is open before first BPL1DAT access, there is 1.5 lores pixel COLOR00 gap between borderblank and first bitplane pixel.
- Reset didnt clear CIA-A/B B data port/direction.
- Bitplane first refresh slot conflict (strobe signal) was not reported and didnt trigger simulated conflict corrupted graphics.
- Added A590/A2091 v4.4 ROMs to ROM scanner. Probably original release version because ROMs had labels 390388-01 and 390389-01.
- If on the fly (emulation has already been started) Quickstart model or model specific change modifies expansion devices, force internal "Restart"-button press. Without it not all expansion devices initialize correctly.

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