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Spine v.20210901 [175][powerzx], 2021-09-13 15:58:16

[Source: https://wololo.net/2021/09/08/release-spine-ps4-emulator-v-20210901-ps4-emulator-for-linux/]

Spine is a PS4 emulator running on Linux, that is generally considered to be in private development, but a demo has been available for some time. According to its developer, it is the first publicly available PS4 emulator to be able to launch commercial games, compared to other work in progress such as Orbital.

Spine version 2021/09/01 made by Spinedev.

Compatibility list (rudimentar, please improve it) in compatibility.xlsx
Please include firmware dependencies in firmware folder for linux only.
For Ubuntu it’s required to install libsdl2-dev, rest of libs are available in lib folder chmod a+x both lib folder contents and spine executable, then you can place these contents in your game folder and type ./spine eboot.bin
fself eboots are supported.