Emudreams(1996) NEWS FROM 60 DAYS MUSEUM

Reicast r20.04 [15][powerzx], 2021-11-17 01:19:24

[Source: https://github.com/reicast/reicast-emulator/releases]

Fix win32, also check height when saving window dimensions
Cmake for macOS fully implemented including Mac app bundle creation
Fixed all warnings on Mac Clang and Linux GCC
DSP: Add assembler disassembler
Force orientation for Android
Fixed Forced Orientation
Message on Save State fix for issue 1783
A few minor Mac changes requested in previous PR
Fixed the Mac version
License: Add a special note in files that flyinghead originally added…
CL: portable and nodisk support
Refrend: Add ReiDBG, RefSW fixes
Remove wglSwapLayerBuffers in favor of SwapBuffers
RefSW: Cleanups, refactors, implemented more of CORE
Remove CLA from contributing
Primitive Reference Renderer
travis: use stable version of triplet.play
Change Social Tab columns
Serial PTY: Disable echo loopback
MMU: Fix the build w o NO_MMU
Add an EULA to the license
JIT: Correctly pass context to immm reads that become static calls
GD: Implement ATA_IDENTIFY as per qemu
LICENSE: Move gpl files to gpl
Virtual Serial Port improvements
Linux: Virtual Serial Port support
Bios is at 3.6 on pc and 6.6 on emiscripten for me now
cmake + licensing improvements
BSDFY: License headers BSD3, license spam
SDL: Fix linux sdl support
Adreno 3xx fixes
Android: Remove View.SYSTEM_UI_FLAG_LAYOUT_STABLE, move IMMERSIVE logic to activity
Audiostream: Remove mspdf check for wait. Will reimplement in a better way.
Fixes VJOY Edit, System Reboot, GL Resize, SH4::Stop on fb roms
Fix GL41 renderer init, related fixes and cleanups
load_gles_symbols: Try dlsym first on android. Fixes 4.x rendering
emscripten: new port
CONTEXT ARM: Correctly handle THUMB mode contexts
Init UI: Several fixes around init and UI state handling
SaveStates: Fix unserialize, remove V5_LIBRETRO format
rend: Fix portrait scaling, enable portrait mode in AndroidManifest.xml
Updated list of libraries required for Linux build and how to include Pulseaudio
Init term fixes, android can go to background now
OOPIFY 3: Fully oop aica, sh4mmr + modules