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RPCS3 Is Now Booting XMB [1019][powerzx], 2022-01-04 13:34:42

[Source: https://github.com/rpcs3]

After years of contributions from several developers, RPCS3 is now able to boot into the VirtualShell/Xross Media Bar (VSH/XMB) with any firmware version!

This video is a quick look through some of what is and is not working in the XMB, including some settings you may want to adjust. While the XMB is mostly non-functional for now, there are developers working on fixing the missing audio, HDMI issues, and even the browser, so expect more progress in the future!

You can boot the XMB yourself by clicking on "File" and "Boot VSH/XMB" within RPCS3. For proper settings and more information, check out the wiki here:

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