Emudreams(1996) NEWS FROM 60 DAYS MUSEUM

PPSSPP 1.12.3 [22][powerzx], 2021-11-17 01:39:23

[Source: http://ppsspp.org/downloads.html#devbuilds]

Merge: 46a434797 a871550d3 Merge pull request 15143 from unknownbrackets ui-font-atlas UI: Switch to font texture for debug stats
Merge: 4c1fbaf00 b6bdd6957 Merge pull request 15141 from unknownbrackets softgpu Rectangle fast path tweaks for softgpu
softgpu: Clear by dividing out subpixel first.
softgpu: Add some comments and cleanup.
softgpu: Tune thread minimums better. Darkstalkers seems more sensitive to these than many other games, this improves performance more.
sfotgpu: Use threads to apply clears.
softgpu: Combine sliced rectangles. This mostly affects clears, and reduces overhead. Only about 2% improvement, but it is a small change.