Emudreams(1996) NEWS FROM 60 DAYS MUSEUM

Clrmamepro 4.042 [85][witek], 2021-09-14 19:52:23

[Source: https://mamedev.emulab.it/clrmamepro/]


- misc: support parent/clone relationship of devices
- misc: systems auto assign can detect empty software list folders in case they are named accordingly
- misc: software list imports default setting is off
- misc: changed behaviour of context menu "move all incomplete sets" to "move all sets with problems" (similar for delete). This also covers wrong named etc ones, not only missing files.
- misc: contextMenu options Delete/Move/Copy Current/all [not fixed]/all sets with problems use the parent set in full merged mode
- misc: cleaning cache also cleans hashes folder
- misc: batchers scanner merge mode overwrite does not overwrite the information from a datfiles forcemerging option
- misc: batchers rebuilder pack overwrite does not overwrite the information from a datfiles forcepacking option
- misc: dont stop multiple downloads on first failure
- misc: wrote a wrapper class to handle all filefind calls which werent 32k path length ready. This should fix all remaining long path (32k) issues.
- fixed: invalid wrong-case messages on chds with very long filenames
- fixed: wrongly list valid chds as unneeded when a no dump chd of the same name exists and "mark no dump as unneeded" option is enabled