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Cemu 1.25.3c [111][witek], 2021-09-04 08:21:48

[Source: https://cemu.info/]

New in 1.25.3c:

Vulkan: Attempts to decrease delay caused by texture readback as this seems to be the main FPS bottleneck on higher-end machines.

Vulkan: Fixed a crash in various games caused by the use of certain types of drawcalls (regression in 1.25.3).

New in 1.25.3b:

Vulkan/OpenGL: Fixed graphic bugs introduced by one of the optimizations in 1.25.3.

Vulkan: We had to disable multi-threaded pipeline loading for Nvidia GPUs due to driver crashes.
The exact cause is still being investigated. We plan to reenable this feature for Nvidia GPUs once a solution has been found.

New in 1.25.3:

Vulkan/OpenGL: Several smaller performance optimizations to decrease CPU load of the GPU emulation thread.

Vulkan/OpenGL: Fixed performance regression introduced in 1.25.2.

Vulkan: Pipeline cache loading is now multi-threaded and thus should be much faster.

Vulkan: Fixed a severe memory leak during pipeline cache loading.

GX2: Minor optimizations to various GX2 API functions.

UI: Input window improvements.
Slightly altered profile load/save buttons for better clarity. Making it easier to distinguish if a profile is created, updated or loaded.
Show a warning if no GamePad has been configured as most games require one to be at least connected.

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