Cemu 1.25.2 [29][witek], 2021-08-20 21:21:40

[Source: https://cemu.info/index.html]


syshid: Various tweaks and fixes to the emulated HID driver (#545)
Fixes USB portal device randomly disconnecting in Skylanders Swap Force.
Fixes high latency (up to half a minute) on some portal devices.

Vulkan: Ignore invalid mips for MSAA textures.
Fixes Snoopys Grand Adventure (US) crashing on boot (#355)
The EU version still gets stuck at the language selection screen. A workaround for this is to use a save file with the language already set.

Vulkan: Added support for little-endian encoded vertex indices.
Fixes broken 3D geometry in Neko entertainment games (or anything that uses NGDK2 engine).

VPAD: Corrected behavior of touch-screen coordinates when in non-touching state.
Fixes unclickable buttons in Neko entertainment games.

AX: Implemented API AXSetVoiceOffsetsEx.
F1 Racing should no longer crash on launch.

UI: When launching Cemu with the -g option skip loading and displaying the game list.

UI: More descriptive error messages when launching a game fails (e.g. due to moving game files but not updating the paths).

UI: Fixed an issue where changes to graphic packs settings would not save.

nsysnet: Fixed a crash in getsockopt().
Seen in Skylanders Swap Force with online mode enabled.

coreinit: Implemented API FSTruncateFile/FSTruncateFileAsync.
Adventure of Pip will no longer freeze when saving.

coreinit: Correctly handle the mirrored affinity bits in OSThread context.
Fixes Othello softlocking on the titlescreen.

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