Cemu 1.25.1c [34][witek], 2021-08-08 08:19:28

[Source: https://cemu.info/]

New in 1.25.1c:

UI: Cemu will inform the user about the available Cemuhook update if an outdated Cemuhook installation is detected.

New in 1.25.1b:

general: A side effect of upgrading wxWidgets was that it broke compatibility with Cemuhook.
This hotfix prevents outdated Cemuhook from crashing Cemu.
You can get an updated version of Cemuhook for 1.25.1 on https://cemuhook.sshnuke.net/

New in 1.25.1:

general: We now ship with Cemuhooks shared fonts as the default system fonts.
Our previous placeholder font was incomplete and lacked some special characters as well as many non-latin characters. Credits go to rajkosto for creating the fonts and hand-drawing the Nintendo specific glyphs.

general: Fixed an issue where Cemu would create the mlc directory at the default location before the user set a location in the "Getting started" window.

general: Improved robustness of title/update installer. It should no longer crash when encountering unexpected errors.

AX: Fixed behavior of AXGetVoiceLoopCount()
Resolves an issue where animations would reset or skip ahead in Splatoon and Super Mario Maker (#15)
This change may also positively affect games that are prone to random sound corruptions (e.g. Paper Mario Color Splash).

GX2: GX2ResetGPU() will no longer softlock Cemu.
Games occasionally call this API if they believe the emulated GPU is stuck (e.g. due to excessive shader compilation stutter). Seen in Xenoblade Chronicles X, Mario Tennis and Darksiders 2.

UI: Removed precompiled shaders option from UI as it had no effect on Vulkan. There was also no reason to set it to anything but the default (auto) on OpenGL
This is just a UI change, none of the actual shader caching mechanics were changed.

UI: Clicking the download graphic packs button in the "Getting started" window will correctly open and show the graphic packs window.
Previously the gfx pack window would either not open at all or show up empty.

misc: Upgraded wxWidgets (GUI library) to version 3.1.5.
This may resolve crashes that some users have been experience when accessing any file or folder selection dialog.

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