Cemu 1.22.8 [32][witek], 2021-03-13 08:36:57

[Source: https://cemu.info/index.html]

general: Fixed a recent regression where -mlc command line parameter would be parsed incorrectly.

UI: Display a scrollbar if a graphic pack has more options than can fit into the window

HLE: Prevent Wind Waker HD from softlocking when using single-core recompiler.

HLE: Prevent dynamic resolution scaling in Super Mario 3D World.
This fixes a long standing issue where mirror effects in Level 1-5 would cause the texture cache to be flooded, leading to stutter and sometimes even crashes if not enough VRAM is available.

coreinit: Optimized niche cases in Cafe OS synchronization primitives
This should improve performance in Paper Mario Color Splash when using multicore recompiler. The issue has not been entirely solved yet and further improvements are planned

Vulkan: Fixed a crash that could occur when a game supplied invalid texture sampler parameters
Resolves a crash in Super Meat Boy (#479)

GX2: Corrected a bug in the calculation of texture pitch for the tiling aperature
Fixes corrupted textures in Super Meat Boy (#479)

GX2: Improved robustness of OSScreen API and made it compatible with GX2
Previously drawing any frames with GX2 would disable OSScreen output permanently. Required by some homebrew applications which mix OSScreen and GX2.

coreinit: Implemented API MEMRecordStateForFrmHeap, MEMFreeByStateToFrmHeap
Used by WUT homebrew