Cemu 1.22.0k [45][witek], 2020-11-21 07:49:45

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# New in 1.22.0f/g/h/i/j/k (public release):

general: Fixed even more race conditions which could lead to low performance, softlocks or crashes

# New in 1.22.0b/c/d/e:

general: Fixed several race conditions which could lead to crashes or softlocks in any game

# New in 1.22.0:

general: Reworked PowerPC and Cafe OS threading from the ground up
Summary of changes:
- The existing single/dual/triple-core CPU modes are replaced with "Single-core" and "Multi-core" mode
- The new multi-core recompiler will use one full CPU thread + up to two extra threads (dynamically scales with actual CPU usage by the emulated CPU)
Multi-core mode has slightly better performance compared to triplecore mode
Overall CPU utilization on the host should be reduced for games that are not heavily multi-threaded (e.g. Super Mario 3D World, Twilight Princess)
- Decreased overhead in all modes (minor performance boost)
- Fixed a few multi-core race conditions
- The CPU mode "auto" option will use single-core mode for CPUs with three or less physical cores and multi-core mode for anything above

OpenGL/Vulkan: Optimized PM4 command processor (up to 5% performance gain depending on the game)