Altirra 4.00 test38 [25][witek], 2021-08-24 17:57:04

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Beta 38

- Fixed errors when switching to exclusive full screen mode in D3D9 mode with hardware accelerated bloom enabled. (There was a surface not being released on D3D reset, leading to D3DERR_INVALIDCALL.)
- Fixed a stack overflow crash that could occur when switching between pane layouts, such as entering or exiting the debugger, on a multi-mon system with different DPI scales on each monitor.
- Added a configvar for the target frame rate in warp mode, previously hardcoded at 1/15 frames displayed.
- The .basic_dumpline debugger command now adds the $ or ( suffix for string and array variables when it synthesizes variable names due to a corrupted VNT. That is, you will now see _V9C$ instead of _V9C.
- Added new experimental peak-to-peak and duty cycle balanced turbo tape decoding modes. The balanced duty cycle modes are intended to improve decoding for loaders that are highly sensitive to pulse widths, which is a problem when decoding tapes distorted by audio enhancement. However, its a more heavy-handed in the changes that it makes to the tape signal, so YMMV.
- Added an option to hold the tape data line across the start of vertical blank. This is a workaround for a bug in the Atari OS C: handler that causes it to occasionally screw up when measuring the baud rate and blow the tape load -- the SKSTAT bit is held across the danger period where RTCLOK+VCOUNT is ambiguous.
- The Phoenix 8K cartridge type can now be used with 2K and 4K images, which are auto-mirrored to 8K like with the standard 8K type.

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