Altirra 4.00 test34 [31][witek], 2021-04-18 13:57:41

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beta 33
- Fixed a bug with BOOT850 on the Additions disk leaving CRITIC set on failure, which manifested as key repeat not working.
- New experimental debug link device and ATDEBUGX.SYS driver for SDX, which uploads SDX symbols to the debugger.
- Added XEP80 prefetch quirk emulation and fixed incorrect horizontal sync value.
- Added Atari 1090 80CVC and Bit 3 Full-View 80 emulation.
- Improved support for additional video outputs, which are now enumerated in the Video Outputs sub-menu. There is now also a command for switching to the previous video output.
- Added detection for 1050 rev. H firmware.
- Fixed a couple of issues with tape sample/second timestamping in the History view, and it now also works after the tape has been stopped.
- The cassette tape indicator now switches from Play to T-Play when KSO Turbo 2000 is activated.
- Added a new turbo tape decoder that is level-based instead of slope-based and uses a linear phase high pass filter. There is now also an advanced configuration variable for the cutoff of the old slope filter HPF.

beta 34
- Implements Bit 3 transparent access timing and a fix for the VBLANK timing issue which caused periodic pauses.

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