Altirra 4.00 test20 [30][witek], 2020-11-17 20:11:18

[Source: https://atariage.com/forums/topic/308053-altirra-390-released/page/14/#comments]


- .dlhistory now shows per-line display list IPs for multi-line jump instructions. This will show how your display list is going haywire if you manage to accidentally vertically scroll one.
- Fixed a bug where custom keyboard shortcuts were getting saved at the root of HKEY_CURRENT_USER instead of in Altirras section. The default keyboard shortcuts for toggling audio channels have also been changed to avoid conflicting with key combos in the Spanish keyboard layout. As part of these two fixes, custom keyboard shortcuts have been reset. However, from now on they will only be saved as deltas from the defaults, so when new keyboard shortcuts are added they will be merged (previously you would not see them if you had customized any shortcuts).
- Fixed bug where IDE+2 rev D/S did not expose some registers from rev. D.
- Fixed a bug in SIDE/SIDE 2 emulation where flash read handlers were registering side effects from debugger reads. This only affected the toggle bits during flashing.
- Initial SIDE 3 emulation support. Currently emulated: read-only SDHC, DMA, partial cartridge emulation, basic RTC. Only tested on the SIDE 3 Loader so far.
- Added virtual FAT32 device. This takes a host path and maps all of the files into a virtual read-only FAT32 partition for anything that can take a hard disk block device in the emulator (IDE/CF/SD/SCSI). This view does not currently live update with changes and subdirectories are not supported, but long file names and Unicode filenames are supported. It seems to pass Windows 10 CHKDSK....


- SIDE3 fixes for cartridge emulation and SDHC capacity reporting.
- Added .side3 debugger command.
- Fixed Ctrl/Shift+Space not being bound correctly in the direct key layout.
- Ctrl/Shift are now blocked from keyboard processing for virtual key bindings when used in input maps, unless the "share" option is set. Note that character (cooked) bindings are not affected, because of the way that the OS keyboard driver works and AltGr being equivalent to Ctrl+RAlt.